Meet Anita L. Maloney,
Founder of “Sharing the Light”.


Anita, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner, is a bright, energetic and enthusiastic healer.  She began her own personal path to healing in 2002.  It is through her personal journey of health that she provides great assistance and wisdom to others.

Anita has overcome Cancer, MERSA and a life-threatening de-gloving leg injury.  Despite these difficulties she remains optimistic and hopeful about life.  The name of her business is appropriately labeled as she radiates incredible light when talking with, teaching or healing others.  In her presence others often feel accepted for who they are and a deep, deep peace and comfort that all will be well.

Anita provides light hearted but thorough consultations and group classes.  It is through her consultations with either Yoga or Reiki that one receives healing.

Whether you are seeking to heal, deepen your knowledge and practice, or become attuned to reiki so that you may heal others, Anita is able to provide a space where this can happen.  She provides weekly yoga classes for groups or individuals, reiki sessions and general consultation sessions as well.  Anita is gifted at listening to the person seeking assistance and properly targeting the sessions accordingly.  Anita is also well versed in correct postural alignment for yoga and can help others expand to new horizons or simply establish a more solid foundation for their current yoga practice.

Contact Anita at Sharing the Light and she will promptly assist you.  Anita strongly urges you to also consult your physician in addition to any services she may provide.  The services of Sharing the Light are alternative healing modalities with the intention of being used along with any medically recommended protocols.

Refer to the contact information provided within this website.